Enjoy the flower fields

Welcome to the Flower Bulb Region!

Every spring the colourful flower bulb fields in Holland attract millions of visitors. From late March till mid-May, this spectacular scene is unique in the world. 80% of the flower bulbs in the world are produced in the west of Holland.

Being a visitor it’s obvious you love to share this beautiful spot with your friends and make the best photos. But please do so without walking through the flower bulb fields!

Although the flower bulb fields are beautiful, they were not created for tourists. The flower bulb fields are used for the production of flower bulbs that are being sold all over the world. The flower bulbs need to be healthy and undamaged, in order to let people enjoy them as spring-blooming flowers in their gardens or in their homes. Walking through the fields may harm the flowers and can spread plant diseases. This will lead to a financial damage for the flower bulb grower. Not a good way to thank them for all the work they’ve done to grow the flower bulb fields.

Be aware it is not allowed to enter the flower bulb fields. So don’t go in the flower fields but take your photos from the outside. Many flower bulb growers feel compelled to place fences, ropes and signs to avoid people walking in. But, be aware that when there are no fences, it doesn’t mean you are allowed to enter! The fields are privately owned by flower bulb growers and passers-by don’t have access there. You can actually be fined by the police for entering them.

So please: do not enter the fields and make your beautiful photos while respecting our flowers. However, some spots in the area were especially created to take pictures in between the flowers. Here you can also park your car safely and enjoy Holland’s best flowers.

peter fietst nog een rondje

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