Enjoy the Flowerfields

Welcome to our region!

Our region, the Bollenstreek, is famous for its fields of beautiful bulbs and flowers. We cultivate and care for our products and work very hard, with lots and lots of passion and dedication, to grow our flowers.

These magnificent bulb flowers you can see in full bloom in our fields are our assets.
Of course, we hope everyone can enjoy them, but please show some respect.
You are not permitted to walk across the fields or among the flowers because it can cause irreparable damage.

You may walk along the edges of the fields. Please do not walk on, or among, the crops. Enjoy the flowers and take pictures of them from a distance! Together, we can make this season a beautiful and colourful time so we can all enjoy our pride for many weeks to come.

On behalf of all the flower bulb farmers in the region, thank you.

Typical Dutch flowers

Discover all the typical Dutch flowers and see the vibrant colors and unique characteristics of these flowers.

Flowers & seasons

Dutch flowers are commonly divided into two categories: spring flowers and summer flowers. Discover the flowers of the seasons and what we do in the fall and winter periods.