Enjoy the flowers, respect our pride

This is the message we’ll be using to welcome tourists to the Bollenstreek, the Netherlands’ bulb-growing region, in the coming weeks. It will be printed on signs and banners and passed on by ambassadors of the area. Every day, flower bulb farmers cultivate and care for their products.

They work very hard, with lots of passion and dedication, in the fields, the barns and greenhouses. They love to see everyone enjoying their pride but ask that visitors also show respect for the flowers. You may walk along the edges of the fields, but you are not allowed to walk across the fields or among the flowers.

Please admire the flowers from the edge of the field and do not walk on, or among, the crops, because it can cause irreparable damage.

Typical Dutch flowers

Discover all the typical Dutch flowers and see the vibrant colors and unique characteristics of these flowers.